The Tiny Diner Restaurant

Tiny Diner Cross Streets

The Tiny Diner’s cross streets

The Tiny Diner, located at 38th Street and 11th Avenue in south Minneapolis, is a restaurant and permaculture demonstration site. After its construction during the early spring and summer of 2013, it will showcase and teach visitors how to grow their own food and capture renewable energy while building long-term ecological health within the whole system.


The Tiny Diner building and landscape is set to have as many nutrient, sun, and water cycling onsite as possible. Using a permaculture design that follows permaculture principles, the Tiny Diner will showcase these elements:

  • Large solar array to capture and use the sun’s energy
  • Compost bins to recycle food waste
  • Cisterns, dry creek beds to catch, slow, and store water onsite
  • Keyhole garden beds to maximize food production, minimize soil compaction
  • Mini-orchard and other perennials for low-input food production
  • Rooftop garden with honeybees and heat-loving annual crops
  • Demonstration and Experimentation Area for community re-skilling workshops
  • Polycultures in large plant containers to foster pollinator habitat and soil fertility

Along with showcasing whole-system food production examples, we will be hosting weekly workshops to teach people how to incorporate it into homes and businesses.


Working closely with the neighborhoods that surround the Tiny Diner and the Farm, we will be offering skill-share workshops. Workshops will be taught by community members as well as guest teachers. The Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate will be one of the main organizations using the space in addition to neighborhood organizations. At the Tiny Diner, there will be two community boards that highlight the events and learning opportunities in the neighborhood, including a calendar of classes at the Diner. There workshops will include:

  • Container gardening
  • Food preservation
  • Beekeeping
  • Bird and bat house construction
  • Soil fertility planning
  • Seed saving
  • Water catchment and MANY MORE CLASSES!

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