The Tiny Diner Farm

Honey House Farm cross streets

 Farm cross streets

The Tiny Diner Farm is the local food production site for  the Tiny Diner restaurant. Located on 40th Street and 42nd Avenue in south Minneapolis, it is roughly 1/2 an acre of cultivated earth on a double lot. Fortunately, this space has a rich farming legacy. 100 years ago, it as a dairy farm. In the mid-50s, it was a garden lot with a general corner store attached to it. In the last couple of decades, the previous owner planted many native trees, dill, wild onions, perennial flowers, raspberries and re-purposed materials to make his own mini-greenhouse and trellises. He also used organic matter to add fertility to the soil. With reverence, we inherit his wise stewardship as we seek to transform this space into a mini-farm.

Honey House Farm - Before any clean-up, site prep, and re-designing. March 2013

Tiny Diner Farm – Before any clean-up, site prep, or re-designing. March 2013

In order to increase soil fertility and diversify food production on the site, we are giving it a makeover with a permaculture design by Paula Westmoreland. This spring and early summer, we will be planting edible perennials (pears, apples, kiwis, berries, rhubarb, etc.) as well as eccentric annuals (cuke nuts, Bison tomatoes, rattlesnake beans, etc.). We will be taking out the compacted gravel driveway, create narrow access pathways, install composting areas, create insectory hedges and mandala gardens… and so much more. Honeybee hives as well as ducks are in the plans too.

Honey House - The Beez Kneez retail and cooperative honey extraction space.

Various community organizations and the Farm work closely together to foster a healthy space to build habitats for bees, plants and people. This includes hosting indoor skill-share workshops, youth education, as well as the retail of local goods and foods. This building is being remodeled this spring and early summer and should be buzzing by August.


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