MOSES 2015: A Whirlwind of Inspiration

It is Wednesday and I am still recovering from being blasted by inspiration and sleep deprivation this last weekend. For the first time, I attended the 26th Annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference in La Crosse, WI. It is the largest organic conference in the country, with tons of workshops, events, and food. I was among over 3500 organic-oriented people for 3+ days. I tried to attend as many workshops as I could to improve Tiny Diner Farm practices – both agricultural as well as social. These workshops included:

GMO – What Do We Know?” Presenter: Warren Porter, UW-Madison, and Chuck Benbrook, Washington State University

Building Resilient Organic Seed Systems Presenter: Theresa Podoll, Prairie Road Organic Farm and Seed

Protecting Organic Corn Presenter: Frank Kutka, Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society

Small Grains in an Organic Cropping System Presenter: Klaas Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain

Increase Your Compost’s Power Presenter: John Jeavons, Ecology Action

Opportunities for Organic Flower Farming Presenters: Doug and Robin Trott, Prairie Garden Farm

Vegetable Crop Planning – Keep Planting! Presenter: Claire Strader, Dane County Extension and FairShare CSA Coalition

Medicinal Herbs- Use them, Grow them Presenter: Jane Hawley Stevens, Four Elements Organic Herbals

And this was just a sliver of the workshops offered!


MOSES 2015 Expo in the Arena

I also was able to spend quality time with local movers and shakers Dayna Burtness of Laughing Loon Farm, Lindsay Rebhan

MOSES 2015: Lunch time - GF options galore

MOSES 2015: Lunch time – GF options galore

of Ecological Gardens, Grant Schultz of Versaland, Becca Carlson of Seeds Farm, Brett Olson from Renewing the Countryside, Kyle Johnson from Pure Prairie Vision, and Libby London and Eric Sannerud of Sandbox Center for Regenerative Entrepreneurship. Everyone was gearing up for the season as well as for the great transitioning happening on our earth. If you ever have a chance to go, I would encourage all gardeners, farmers, and eaters alike to check it out. Located in our backyard in terms of conference travel, you won’t have to use tons of fossil fuels flying around. And there are scholarships if you apply early enough. So make sure to attend MOSES 2016 ( and book your hotel as soon as possible unless you want to share a room with 7 people like I did)!

Happy spring,

Koby JH

TD Farm Manager


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