Farmhouse Warmin’ for the Worm Box

The Tiny Diner Farm is hosting a worm composting class this week on Thursday February 12th at 630pm (Farmhouse, 3957 42nd Ave. S. Minneapolis). Not only do we want to offer the Farmhouse space for people to share their skills, we also want to make sure we are closing the nutrient-cycling loops on our urban farm (as much as we can). One of the easiest and quickest ways is by integrating vermicomposting (vermes means worms in Latin), which is composing with worms.

Our class will explore the nuts and bolts of worm composting. Looking at the anatomy of the red wiggler and discussing the pros and cons of worm composting will culminate with a class effort to build a worm box for the Farmhouse to use throughout the year. In preparation for this class, we purchased red wigglers from the lovely Eggplant Urban Farm Supply store in St.Paul. They came in a brown paper bag with bedding material, all cozy and waiting for their new home. Tomorrow we will have a Farmhouse Warmin’ for these new animal friends. And if you can’t make it tomorrow, be sure to join us for the second vermicomposting class on Wednesday April1st at 630pm.

Let worms warm your house this winter 😉 – Koby JH, Tiny Diner Farm Manager

Our worms waiting for their new worm bin home

Our worms waiting for their new worm bin home


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