Farm Winter in MN: Longfellow Garden Club & Urban Ag.

January in Minnesota for a Farm Manager means sleeping 18 hours each night and watching movies during the day, right? WRONG! While the winter months can be less physically taxing than the high-time growing season, a farmer is running full-steam ahead at this time. Most of the season’s work, besides labor, happens during the late fall and winter months. As the Urban Farm Manager and Community Outreach Coordinator for the Tiny Diner and Farm, I am planning our production season as well as our educational classes and workshops. In addition to planning, I am teaching classes and meeting with community groups to discuss collaboration possibilities and share the story of the Tiny Diner. Just this last week, I met with the Longfellow Garden Club.

We discussed urban agriculture issues as well as highlighted the trials and tribulations of creating a farm-to-restaurant in Minneapolis. Before the talk, there was a group dinner at El Nortenos; then over 30+ gardeners showed up to discuss edible gardening. So many great questions were asked about intensive gardening, successional planting, watering from city vs. rain water, etc, that we could have kept talking for hours. While I hope I illuminated some tips about urban farming techniques and permaculture design, many people in the audience were experienced gardeners as well. I have so much to learn from them and the Longfellow community, which is full of experienced growers of all sorts (Dowling Community GardenTransition Longfellow, etc.). Be sure to check out the Garden Club’s 2015 calendar of events and speakers to learn more about water use, roses, mushrooms, etc. Thank you to Holly and Claire for inviting the Tiny Diner Farm to talk about urban agriculture with the Longfellow Garden Club!

While our gardens maybe frozen, our season has already begun.

While our gardens maybe frozen, our season has already begun.


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