MinneMushrooms in the Snow

Winter is upon us. If you’re like me, you expected to have at least a few more weeks to tidy things up in the garden. However, living in these times and in this place we’ll probably do well to expect just about anything weather-wise. With winter in full swing our sights are turning inside but our thoughts are still on growing. Over the past several months we have been working to put together and test a fruiting chamber to grow oyster mushrooms year round.

Featured image

A cluster of Grey Dove oyster mushrooms ready to be shipped to the Diner.

We still have several edits to make on the space including cutting vents in the wall to pipe air in and out. Mushrooms, like ourselves, breathe oxygen and if they don’t get enough they can suffocate so these renovations are critical. Once up online we will be able to begin producing a stream of fresh mushrooms through the winter and into next growing season, giving our farm a diversified and year-round crop that will help to make us more financially sustainable. This is actually a rather common practice worldwide whereby farmers incorporate small scale mushroom production operations into their farming operations to supplement some income with relatively low financial inputs. If it works almost everywhere, it should be able to help us out too.


Oyster mushrooms growing from a fruiting vessel; an up-cycled pickle bucket from Pat’s Tap.

We are also working on preparing class material for those interested in learning more about home mycology practices and other benefits of fungi for our communities. These will likely begin in January and run until April. When they are posted you will be able to find those courses and many more here: https://tinydinerfarm.wordpress.com/category/workshops/

Keep the momentum growing,



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