MinneHarvest Design Contest

The second annual MinneHarvest fest is quickly approaching, and as our season starts to wind down we are thinking forward about the lasting imprints we will leave this season — on each other, within the land, and in our communities. With this in mind and in the spirit of skill sharing, we decided to host a mini-screen printing workshop at this year’s MinneHarvest Festival, and we’d like you to leave your print.

During this workshop we will be printing six designs that will be chosen by the farm staff and that are submitted by you! Three from a youth category (17 and under) and three from an adult category (18 and up). These designs will be printed onto card stock and distributed around the neighborhood to get the word (and your art) out about the Farmhouse. You can take the cards and your new screen printing skills home with you, give them to your friends, family, and neighbors.

Some of the farm staff are collaborating on handkerchief designs that will also be available to take home!

*Bring your own cotton fabric or t-shirts to print on! We will have some patch material available.*

We will also have potato print making for the young ones!

What you need to know to enter!

Deadline: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd


  • Your design must be done with BLACK INK (pens or markers. NO pencils) on un-lined/blank white paper.
  • 4″x6″
  • Include “the Farmhouse” and the address “3957 42nd Ave. S. MPLS”
  • Don’t forget to sign your design and include the year!

To submit:

Please drop off your drawing at the Farmhouse (3957 42nd Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN). There will be an envelope attached to the screen door to place your drawing in. OR scan and e-mail it to tinydinerfarm@gmail.com with “Design Contest” in the subject line.

Include your:

PHONE and/or E-MAIL (best way to contact you)
TITLE of your drawing

For inspiration:

  • The Farmhouse is based in the Longfellow neighborhood of south Minneapolis. Neighbors! You are strongly encouraged to submit place-based art.
  • Permaculture–Earth care, people care, fair share.
  • Food.
  • Plants.
  • Insects.
  • Earth.
  • Cosmos (the flower or the space).
  • Fungi.
  • Nature in general.


  • Thicker lines are better
  • Less detail




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