Support Your Local Farmers & “Stamp It!” in September at the Tiny Diner Farmers Market!!!!

With the September finally upon us, it is clear that we are approaching the tail end of the growing season. It has been a challenging, but fruitful year. With the help of our wonderful community members, we have had great successes with the Tuesday Pop-Up Market at the Farmhouse and the Thursday Farmers Market at the Diner. We are so grateful for all the incredible seasonal food and beautiful art we have available to us.

In an effort to encourage folks to support our many amazing sustainable, local vendors at the Thursday market, we have come up with a lovely incentive program. For the entire month of September, every time you make a purchase from one of the Tiny Diner vendors, you will receive a stamp on your very own “Stamp It!” card. Fill up all 18 slots on your card and you will receive a gift certificate to the Tiny Diner Restaurant. If you receive stamps from at least 7 different vendors, you will be entered to win one of our surprise grand prizes.

Come by the Tiny Diner Farmers Market this Thursday, September 4th and pick up a “Stamp It” card.



Categories: Farm Update

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