Hosting Workshops and Skill Shares

Part of what we hope to do with the Tiny Diner Farm is to share our know how and to support others in sharing theirs. Below is some information about workshops and skill-shares at the Tiny Diner Restaurant and the Farmhouse

Class Fees:
We encourage facilitators to offer their courses on a donation and/or sliding scale basis. This is to ensure that people from all class backgrounds have the opportunity to participate. We understand and value the knowledge and time that we are sharing and want each teacher to be compensated for their time–as we recognize the lack of value placed on skill sharing, as well as the reality and need to make a living. We want to encourage a reciprocal relationship between all people involved in the sharing of information. Finding this balance can be difficult and we are hoping that in time, through donations and good will, that we will be able to offer stipends to facilitators who wouldn’t otherwise be able to share their time and knowledge.

The Tiny Diner Restaurant is located in the Powderhorn Neighborhood at the corner of 38th Street and 11th Avenue (1024 East 38th St. South, Minneapolis, MN)

The Farmhouse is located in the Longfellow Neighborhood at the corner of 40th street and 42nd Avenue (3957 42nd ave. South, Minneapolis, MN) and is a shared space between the Tiny Diner Farm and the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI).

Class times:
We are able to host classes every Saturday Afternoon and Evening and during the week on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings. If you are interested in teaching a workshop/skill share–Please contact us at with “Workshop” and your topic in the subject line.


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