Farmers Market at the Tiny Diner!

TDMarket6.26.14Last Thursday, we had our first ever farmers market at the Tiny Diner restaurant. Although we had a few growers cancel at the last minute, there were a handful of vendors that did make it, including SilentSun Farms, Sandbox Co-operative, Back to Roots Project, and a number of wonderful artists.

Over the months, as we worked to put the pieces together for the market, it has been very clear that there is a definite need for more fruit and vegetable growers. In the fields, we have been discussing in-depth the ways in which we can extend the concepts of sustainability to include fair conditions for all those that work within the sustainable food industry. TDMarket6.26.14tableWe continue to contemplate the best strategies for producing and consuming healthy and sustainable food in a way that is accessible and beneficial to all people and the planet. We are excited to be a part of that discussion. Farmers Markets are one of the most powerful ways to create community spaces, while supporting local artists and food producers.

The feedback from community members was overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to watch the tiny market grow into a community tradition! Thanks to all who participated and attended! Although the produce choices for the first week were slim, we know with summer finally upon us, the choices will continue to expand. We invite you to come visit us every Thursday from 4 to 7:30pm until October!

TDMarket6.26.14.SSF  P.S. We are still looking for more produce vendors!!






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