Winter at the farm 2013

The snow may be falling and the temperatures may be swinging between extreme lows and what feel like an early spring (at 20 something degrees), we’re keeping busy at the farm. There’s nothing to plant right now, but we have plenty to build.
As the construction at the Tiny Diner restaurant continues through the cold, we are working on designing the signs that will help guide and support people through both the Diner and the Farm site.

Today we finished the basic aspects of the signs for the farm,

farm signageIMG_20140124_132956

deconstructed a strangely built contraption that came with the farm (we used it to trellis veggies over the summer), and created a pinterest worthy birdhouse outta scrap wood. Followed by an equally glorious amount of sugar from Gigi’s Cafe (to feed the sugar hungry yeasties in our bodies). Really, all of it was made from wood that was already at the farm and nothing is perfect–we don’t have to start taking extreme care until the new materials arrive and we’re building the serious stuff below.

Upcoming projects:

  • stackable trays to transport tomatoes (no squishing here)
  • soil sifters to get some of those rocks outta here
  • seed drying trays
  • trellises
  • beautiful cedar raised bed boxes for the diner

Remember to check back in to see how the process is going.


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