Farm Building Remodel: Almost Done

The historic cornerstore building on the farm is finally being updated so we can use it as a neighborhood re-skilling space. The farm staff will share the cornerstone space with the Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate by mid-June 2014, with the hopes that our classes and site can support the mission of resilient food and skill-sharing systems.

Along with a bathroom, and kitchenette area, this space will feature a Minne-Resource library, small retail space, movie and meeting areas, as well as a MushRoom.

Will, Jesus, and company are making it all happen in a very short time. Check out the pictures.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the finished space.


IMG_4246 IMG_4244 IMG_4243 IMG_4237 IMG_4236 IMG_4235 IMG_4234 IMG_4230












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