2013 Volunteer Shout Out

Last year this time, the Tiny Diner farm did not exist. It was a tangled garden with a driveway in it.

2013 was a huge successful first season for the Tiny Diner Farm. We couldn’t have cleaned up the space and planted all of our annuals and pernenials without help from all of you! We had 3 day-long volunteer opportunies, a corporate volunteer day, as well as mini-sessions with 3-4 volunteers throughout the season. I estimate there was over 60+ volunteers over the course of the season. While many people did not leave their names with us, the farm apprentices and farm manager GREATLY APPRECIATE THE TIME AND ENERGY YOU SPENT WITH US LAST SEASON. Here are a couple pictures with those who we want to recognize, name or not. Come back next season to see what has changed and to sample some of our delicious edibles.

If you would like to volunteer at the Tiny Diner or farm this year, please contact: tinydinerfarm@gmail.com.

2nd Volunteer Day

2nd Volunteer Day: Upper left to right – Jeremy, Mary, Grant, Jason A., Jason B., Joakim. Lower row: Kara, Koby, Emi


KevinMatthewJoeMinneHarvest Upper hot day: A team of co-workers from Competitive Intelligence volunteer, making paver pathways with Apprentice Martin. Lower (l to r): Kevin Hagen squeezed apple juice, Matthew assisted farm crew at Gigi’s throughout the season and Joe Smith played Saxophone at the MinneHarvest Fest 2013.


Original tilling after driveway was taken out. Kevin Hagen used the industrial tiller, along with our other volunteer, Ben Cirkl.


Cleaning up our gardens for the fall of 2013 was no easy feat. Marianne, a Longfellow neighbor, came to help us pull up plants, add compost, and borrowed us her wheelbarrow!


Ben Cirkl operated the industrial tiller on our third volunteer day. It was heavy (500 lbs) but he was able to handle it for well over an hour. Thank you Ben!


Powderhorn neighborhood members helped our apprentice Laura sow cover crops into the annual garden beds at the Tiny Diner in the fall of 2013.


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