3rd Tiny Diner Install: Willow Thicket by Kelly English of Cherriup

Is it a large beehive? A special dining area? If you’ve been watching the natural, hand-woven, wood structure arising along the north side of the Tiny Diner, I am sure it has filled you with awe and wonder. The designer and creator, Kelly English of Cherriup Inc., wove this Willow Thicket on site!

It is a space for people of all ages to sit, play, and find themselves surrounded by magic in the form of Minnesota harvested willow–woven with care into a transformative space. It’s a place of inspiration and a doorway to another world. Too rare is a moment that we allow ourselves a chance to sit with the earth. The Willow Thicket offers an intentional reprieve. With the light trickling in through the branches and surrounded by a garden, you nearly forget that a busy 38th street is so near. She is very mindful, creative, and hard-working. the thickets she creates are custom made, last a long-time and are a safe and exploratory way for everyone to learn and play outdoors.

If you want more information on a thicket for your home or business, contact Kelly at: kellye@cheeriup.com


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