Looking Better Everyday-Farm Update

When the work at the Honey House Farm started, we got inquisitive looks from people passing by. A lot was being moved, removed, deconstructed and constructed on the site. Some people would just glance curiously at us; others would hesitantly ask, “What are you guys doing here?” We love interacting with the neighbors and talking to them about the plans. We have become good at chatting and working simultaneously. Now that the farm is really beginning to take shape and looks, well, more like a farm, people seem to more readily stop and express excitement over the continuing transformation.

Turning this into a permaculture based urban farm is definitely a process. Along the way we have run into unexpected challenges but that’s when we try to learn from the site, and problem solve as we go. The first weeks focused on removing what we didn’t want or what wouldn’t work (materials, plants, driveways, etc.). Although we are trying to reuse and re-purpose as many items as possible, we have also had to bring in or build new to us items because this is the first year. Here is what has been keeping us busy lately:

New fences have been built with the hope of keeping the bunnies out and doubling as a trellis.

IMG_8196Soil was imported to build up beds, soil that waited and waited under tarps to be moved (remember all that rain?).

IMG_8201One day after our latest delivery, our neighbor jokingly asked, “Are you guys getting horses?” No, no animals yet, but we are putting planters in areas where the ground cannot be planted. We brought in a soil/compost/manure mixture to fill our trough beds.


DSCN0150Manure was also delivered and added to beds. Yes, there has been a lot of hauling and shoveling in the last week.

We have been using hay to mulch the beds and burlap for some of the pathways to keep down weeds.











We have also added compost tea to the beds. Right now we are using a purchased organic compost tea that we brew for 48 hours and then spray on the beds.










And of course we continue to plant our transplants and seeds. Every day we are learning more about what works and what doesn’t. With a new site we are eager to get everything planted but we also must remain flexible and take time to observe.

201We continue to remark on how quickly everything is changing. If you are in the neighborhood please stop for a chat and see what we’re up to.

The mandala several weeks ago.

The mandala several weeks ago.

The mandala today.

The mandala today.



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